KaanB Sourcing Agency


Through staff of 21 experienced members, we manage a sourcing network of over 60 suppliers specialized in flatknit, knit, denim and woven products to meet our customer demands. With the support of Kaanb's entire portfolio of 45 years, the agency is blessed and variety of consumer products as well as special costings. We closely follows the trends of the season through our visits to various venues in europe which add to our design capabilities.

We realize the importance of all customer needs especially their requirements regarding quality standards. To ensure that all these areas have the utmost attention paid to, we employ seperate qcs per divisions.

Pls do not hesitate to contact related manager to your product area to get more info and insight to the latest collections. Account managers will keep you daily updated on all areas of your business such as sampling, costing and updating timelines/critical paths.